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Common Warehouse Maintenance Tips

Warehouses need lots of upkeep. It may not seem that way. The stereotype of the musty old warehouse packed to the gills with nondescript boxes is still an insidious image that many people imagine. They’d be surprised at the level of cleanliness expected in most warehouses, and the level of automation involved in moving product in and out the door.

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Putting Together Your Warehouse Office

Most warehouses can spare some floor space for a mobile office, where management is centralized and administrative work can get done more quickly. Whether it’s tucked in a corner, placed front and center, or on a mezzanine looking over the shipping docks, it can be a great way to keep on top of things. Speedrack Midwest can help you determine where to place your mobile office, and decide if you want to make it a permanent installation on the ground floor.

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Fire Prevention Tips for Your Warehouse

Fire awareness should be on the top of every warehouse manager's mind during the cold season, when the heat is turned on and more electronics are plugged in for longer parts of the day. If you want to prevent those sprinklers from going off, you need to be strict about your safety procedures. If you don't have many in place after having passed a fire inspection, follow our tips below to put your mind at ease and keep your workers and building safe from disaster.

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How to Choose the Best 3PL Partner for Your Shipping

It's already started to happen. Sales are up and your new business is taking off. You can hardly keep up with the orders, and you're thrilled to see so many people finding you. The problem is, you're handling all your shipping in-house, and complaints are beginning to roll in. Lead times are too long. Trucks keep showing up at off-hours. Products arrive damaged. Rates are too high. At the same time you and your small sales team are staying late, guzzling coffee, coordinating shipping for sales from Maine to Miami. You want to keep up the pace, but if the complaints hit the Internet, you'll find your evenings have cleared up again. That's when you know it's time to solve both problems at once. Make the customers happy and take the pressure of your sales team. Partner with a 3PL company.

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Your Warehouse Holiday Season Preparedness Checklist

For anyone working in a retail warehouse, calling the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year may not be the most accurate approximation. Maybe after sales have been tabulated and you can put your feet up, but in the meantime it's the busiest, most stressful time of the year, and one slipup may have repercussions that stretch a lot further than it would outside of December. So before crunch time, make sure your holiday season strategy covers the following points.

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